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Inside a Slot Machine

Players who claim that they can tell you the winning combination that would appear in a slot machine are not right as slot machines function on RNG.

The RNG or the random number generator is actually the function on which slot machines operate. Were you under the illusion that the slot machine has a pattern of spinning combinations and that if you study the previous spins you would be able to forecast the next spin? If yes, then you are not the only one, a number of players think like that and are hugely mistaken.

Functioning of a slot machine

Every slot machine has a chip that functions as per RNG i.e. random numbers are generated by the machine. The numbers that the RNG generates gets converted into symbols that you can see on the slot reels. Thus prediction of a spin is actually impossible as the combination is NOT following any rule as such. It is picking numbers at Random, so how do you expect to predict an outcome? The RNG is centred on an algorithm that is a sequence of complicated mathematical formulae and it is way too complex to comprehend.

Winning combination

Every slot machine has 3 or more reels. Each reel has 20 or more symbols. When the spinning stops you get to see a combination of every reels symbol. This is your pay line. Now refer to the payout table on the slot machine and that tells you what your pay line has earned you.

Say for example:

  • Jackpot- Three 7's
  • nd prize - Three diamonds
  • rd prize: Three bars.

Now suppose you get only 2 diamonds then you don't stand to win the 2nd prize. The slot machine's RNG just keeps picking numbers randomly and the combination that appears decides what each player wins.