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Lord of the Rings Slots Game,

Microgaming have released a Lord Of The Rings themed online slot game before, and in all honesty is wasn't that much of a success, compared to other big hits. Themed slots generally do not tend to impress when remade, and as a themed slot game, it may be feared that its sequel would encounter the same problems. This worry however, is unnecessary as the game, still entitled Lord Of The Rings slots, is far superior.

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Lord of the Rings Slots

Lord of the Rings Slots

Undoubtedly based on the successful movie trilogy of the same name, the icons displayed (as in its predecessor) continue to depict characters from the Peter Jackson epic. As well as high card symbols each containing a particular symbol from the movie trilogy, the Lord Of The Rings logo, the Eye of Sauron and the Ring of Power also make their presence known. The logo itself acts as the games wild card, whilst picking up the eye on the third reel will transform the entire reel into a wild card. As for the Ring of Power, three of those bad boys will generate a free spins round turning one reel at a time into a wild reel, which is always welcome on any slot!

There are a potential two hundred and forty three different ways to win on this Lord Of The Rings slot remake, a far cry from the minimal amount of pay lines offered by the original game. When speaking about changes and differences between this successful remake and its predecessor, one must also note that stunning jackpot offered by this second incarnation of the successful slot game franchise. A whopping progressive jackpot which heads for a near £2,000,000 coins is an eye opener for any budding gamer, which blows the paltry jackpot offering in the first game right out of the water.

The disappointing thing however, is that when all is said and done, Lord Of The Rings slots is still a themed game, and in that it is very limited in what it can do, what story it could tell, and is ultimately open to being recreated by another software company, who'll possibly better Microgaming take on Tolkien's classic. It just doesn't do anything other slots don't I'm afraid. Keep an eye out of Gollom though. In periods of inactivity, he'll come darting along the screen to stroke his "precious" just before your session times out. That, is comedy my friends!