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Intro to the most playable online casino games - slot machines: review of the history, RNG as the core system of slots. Is it possible to influence the slots?

There is no dearth of players who dream of only one thing and that is of hitting the jackpot. For slot machine players there are some basics they should be aware of if they intend to win.

Slot machine jackpots

  • Jackpots of regular slot machines: These machines have a pre-decided set of money to be paid to the player when a particular pay line appears on the reels. The pay table has the respective rewards listed for each combination.
  • Jackpots for progressive slot machines: Here the jackpot amount keeps ascending as the players keep playing. These machines give out bonuses for the players and are obviously the largest of jackpots. Winning them is more of a case of chance than any thing else.

If you are interested in some flashy slot games with amazing 3D graphics then have a look below for the best games available for you today:

Major Millions Jackpot

This is easily the largest progressive jackpot in the world of online casino today. The jackpot commences at an astronomical $250,000. It has three variants: MegaSpin, 3-reel slot machine and the 5-reel slot machine.

MegaSpin slot machine: 3 coins, 3 reels, 3 paylines. It is quite different from the regular slot games because you get to play in a number of slot machines simultaneously.

3-reel slot machine: 3 coins, 3 reels, 3 paylines. It has a crazy doubling symbol.

5-reel slot machine: This is a video slot machine with five reels along with fifteen pay lines in it.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

This is a wild African themed slot machine and is full of mind-boggling action. It is a progressive slot machine and is the largest online casino jackpot to date. It is also the first known four-tiered casino slot.

The jackpot wheel of the Mega Moolah is what the whole craze is all about. At the top level the jackpot is a cool $1 million. 10,000 coins are needed to commence the Mega level jackpot. You need 100 coins for the Minor level. However at mini level you can get a consolation prize of 10 coins. You shall be glad to know that the jackpot is unlimited; it simply keeps multiplying till someone actually wins it. Join the bandwagon, who knows the YOU may be the winner.

King Cashalot Jackpot

This is a video slot game that has a progressive slot. It has 9 pay-lines and 5 reels. This slot machine accepts multiple coins. Its bonus feature of player's choice is quite interesting. The magnificent Wild Multiplier & Scatter figures make it quite interesting to look at. You should be confident about winning, because if you don't try your hand at playing how do you expect to win anyways.