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Slots Glossary, The Most Common Slot Terms in Online Casino

Like all games, online slot games come with their set of terms and conditions and before playing the game it is advisable to learn them.

Some terms and conditions connected with slot gambling are listed below. Some are related with online slot gambling, some with land based slots while many are related with both. It is not essential to be familiar with these rules for playing slots but it is advisable to know them at the time of visiting casino.

Bonus feature

Few slot machines contain extra special features which on activation give free bonus round which enables you to win extra coins.

Size of coin

This is the cost of each bet. Most machines allow playing over one coin. Normally size of coin varies from 1 cent to 5 dollars.

Hit frequency

This is the regularity of occurrence of winning spins. Larger regularity is considered better than lower. Machine pay cycle has to be kept in mind which will make it difficult to measure it.


It is related to land based machines. At this place coins put by you are stored. Normally players fill hoppers to overflowing, to ensure that these don't run empty. They occasionally overflow and extra coins get dropped in a bucket under a hopper that accounts as profit for the casino.

Free spins

When a particular combination of "usually 3 or more scatter symbols" is seen on the screen, these spins are given for free.


Fill is called on hoppers running out of coins. It means that an attendant collects coins for cashier and hopper is refilled.

Hold & re-spin

This is type of slot which permits players to keep a reel or more and spin second time for the result improvement.


Percentage of coins that have been played and are held by machine as house profit is called Hold. It is normally 3 to 15% or more.

Loose/Tight Slots

The loose slots have better payoffs, normally as high as 100%over period of time. The tight slots are opposite of loose slots.


Slot types which have over two pay lines for forming winning combination.

Pay line

This refers to line in centre of slot window and it can be even five lines. Winning symbols on pay line drop coins in tray.

Progressive Jackpot

It is the top prize which grows as people continue playing. Normally the machines are linked with many casinos so that value of jackpot grows fast.

Random number generator

Chip kept inside the slot which randomly selects numbers or symbols every second, faster than pushing spin button. Every number matches a particular combination which is randomly selected after activation of spin button. This computer chip has been designed for selecting average payout percentage of the slot.


Normally symbols are displayed on two or more reels. It would be difficult to hit jackpot if reels in the machine are more.