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Slot Machine Odds, Reels and Symbols

Take a choice of slot machines that have fewer reels and less symbols compared others as it reduces your probability of winning.

The reels in a slot machine can have any symbol; be it bars or cherries or diamonds, the final result of the slot machine is in no way influenced by the symbols on its reels. The quantity of symbols would affect the play as greater the quantity of symbols the more tricky and difficult it would be to get the jackpot. In fact getting the winning combination too in inversely proportional to the quantity of symbols carried per reel.


Say the jackpot is a winning combination of three diamonds on the pay-line. Chances are that each reel would have only 1 diamond each. Now say you are playing on a slot machine with three reels each having 20 symbols. So now the probability of your hitting the jackpot becomes:

The total combinations possible in the three reels = (20) x (20) x (20) = 8000

The probability of your hitting the combination is= 1/8000 i.e. 1 chance in 8000 chances

Now imagine you are playing in a slot machine with 5 reels.

The total possible combinations = 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 = 120,00,000

And the probability of hitting the combination = 1/12000000

So the lesser the reels and symbols on them the better the probability of your winning the jackpot.