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Slots Rules for Playing Slot Machines Online

Slot machines are very popular in the USA and in the UK. They were invented in the year 1887 and have made a furor in the world of gambling.

Charles Fey invented the first ever slot machine in the year 1887 in his workshop located in San Francisco and it was called the "Liberty Bell". The size of the machine he invested was slightly smaller than the one we see now. The operation of the machine was similar to the contemporary slot machines and it had 3 reels with each bearing 20 symbols.

Later in 1807 Herbert Mills invented the "Operator bell" slot machine. Herbert was a Chicago based manufacturer and his machine was quite similar to the "Liberty Bell". Within no time slot machines had created a rage all over USA.

Understanding Slot Machines

Basically a slot machine can be called a mechanical devise that has a number of reels that bear different symbols or numbers. Although as a rule the reel can have any symbol, you would generally find bars and cherries on the reels along with the Jackpot 7. Remember that the symbol has no effect whatsoever on the way the game results.

Playing Slot Machines

The machine has a coin slot in which the player inserts the coins. Then the player is supposed to pull the lever that is on the machine's right side. This lever sets the reels in motion and after a while they stop and showcase a unique combination of numbers and symbols. Every machine also has a display of combinations called the pay line that tell you what you may win when you get the following combinations.

The modern machines have replaced the lever with a button that may be marked "spin". Some machines also have a button labelled as "credit" which if pressed by the player before he inserts the coin would automatically disperse the winnings in the credit meter rather than paying him off in coins. Later the player has the option of using these credits to continue playing or taking a pay off. The button has to be pressed as many times as the number of coins the players wishes to play. The numbers of coins that are played get debited from the credits automatically.

Every slot machine functions on a chip that is inserted in the machine. The chip keeps forming various combinations of numbers and symbols on the reels that decide the jackpot and the payout.